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Abundance Soaps

Locally produced Abundance Soaps - carried by Just for You Shoppe since 2014!

Each Abundance Soap bar takes a month to produce, but once cured, is gentle and mild, using organic herbs grown in the creator's old garden, oats, clays, honey, and essential oils.

Abundance Soap bars are all hand cut to be approximately four ounces so that you get can be sure you are getting the most from your soap and that it will last longer than smaller bars or commercial soap. 
We are very sure that you will love Abundance Soaps and you can be confident in using it!    

Abundance Soaps are made with Coconut, Olive, Ricebran and other high quality oils which produce a creamy white lather, retaining the natural natural glycerin which is formed during the curing process. Commercial soaps have the natural glycerin removed to be resold. 

Abundance Soaps are all made by hand and are not to be confused with glycerin or melt and pour soap made from a pre-made soap base. Abundance Soaps are made by combining local oils, herbs, essential oils and sodium hydroxide (which processes out during the curing phase).

Our soap is made on site from start to finish using fresh, pure ingredients.